Yuksel Arslan


He was born on 14.10.1972 in BİGA District of ÇANAKKALE.He attended primary school in Çınardere Village, secondary and high school in Biga.In 1987, he went to Istanbul and started to trade in the textile sector, on the other hand, he completed the singing department at the Private Şahin Özer Music Academy and studied Turkish Art Music. He started to give concerts in many provinces of Turkey, especially in Istanbul’s important entertainment venues. In 2009, he met his fans with his first album titled “Yavrum”. Later, he continues his music life with his works titled “Campaign” and “Haz Almaz”. In addition to his stage life, he provides Real Estate Investment Consultancy services. His work in Non-Governmental Organizations, Çanakkale and Thrace Education and Culture Confederation General Chairman, Tekirdağ Federation of Associations General Chairman, Historical Artifacts Protection, Promotion and Preservation Association General Chairman, and at the same time KASTOB (Black Sea Confederation of Non-Governmental Organizations) Board of Directors Noble Member and Thrace Region Chairman Yüksel Arslan is married and has 1 daughter.

I was born in 1974 in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul. I am the only son of a father from Skopje in Yugoslavia and a mother from Thessaloniki.

I attended primary and secondary school in Bağcılar and played amateur football in Bağcılar Sports.

In my commercial life

I worked as a marketing manager in the toy industry.

Since 2015, I have been continuing my Real Estate Real Estate Consultancy company.

President of the Thracian Education and Culture Association and

I am the President of the Federation of Kırklareli Associations.

I am the President of Tekirdağ Federation of Associations.

I am married and father of 2 girls and 1 boy